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In these countries, which are members of Western civilization who have recently been shown as an example in the fields of social sciences in the form of ideal Scandinavians, especially in Sweden and then Denmark; who are shown as champions of advanced democracy, social policy practices and human rights development, we are witnessing the religious terror practices of narxist pagan Western culture such as “burning the Holy Qur’an”.

Narcissism is a corrupted, diseased concept that includes having the highest degree of “ego” concept by expressing the admiration that a person/society has for himself/herself, his/her mind, his/her power within the concept of narcissism. According to this, Narcissism is a diseased state that includes psychiatric disorder, neurosis, paranoia or psychosis in the dimension of a person, society or civilization. Western civilization and the societies/countries connected to it and the human type; the belief in the trinity and the power in industrialization that followed, the paganist positivist and hermonotic structure of thought have brought this civilization and its elements into a narcissistic diseased understanding. As a natural result of this distorted, diseased psychological state, there has been a tendency in the world of mentality of Western civilization to produce a “cultural terror” and “religious terror" based on christianity.

Western Civilization and its members, who engage humanity with concepts such as democracy, human rights, the development of freedoms, exploit non-Western societies and especially the underground and above-ground resources of the Islamic world, are in fact a structure belonging to the culture of the destroyer of the peace and happiness of humanity. The USA, that Christian during the Second World War, caused the deaths of civilians, elderly people and children in Japan with the atomic bomb it dropped on Japan. However, this is not shown to the world public opinion as a Christian terror culture. Again, in this context, isn't the Srebrenica Massacre in Bosnia in Europe a Christian terror massacre? I mean, aren't these acts of religious terror? All these indicators reveal the signs of cultural collapse of humanity in the 21st century of a Western civilization that harbors the disorder of Narcissism and religious terror in its inner world.

Islam, on the other hand, to humanity in the 21st century; has an understanding that emphasizes peace, justice, love, sharing, “being us for me too”. Again, the values of Islamic civilization; It is a religion that knits a high culture of peace and tranquility that rejects the conflict of "self and the other" belonging to Western civilization, atomizes people and society, leaves people alone in society, rejects the understanding of thought that shatters social unity, and exploitation based on elitist elitism. In other words, the world of Islamic civilization values and mentality has an understanding that maximizes the high moral values that Western civilization has exploited and destroyed for two centuries and presents it to all humanity. Therefore, Islamic civilization and Islamic mentality is a great culture that offers peace, justice and peace to all humanity on a universal scale. It is clear that these high cultural values have never been found in Western civilization. As a result of the sociological and socio-psychological depression caused by the fact that these high cultural values have never existed in Western civilization, Western civilization has not been able to renew itself and, as a result, has fallen into a vicious repetition, anthropocentric global hegemons in this structure are slandering “Islamophobia” against the mentality of peace and tranquility offered to humanity by Islamic civilization. Another strategy they have developed is that they have entered into an attitude that directs them to burn the Noble Qur'an, which is the last message sent to humanity by Allah, the Only God (Ehad). However, the type of human being feared in the world; White Anglo-Saxon and Western civilization is the type of people who are continental European people. In other words, he is the "White Man", an Anglo-Saxon and continental European belief. The terror dimension of this Anglo-Saxon White Man and the culture he represents is clearly visible in Africa. For this reason, we condemn those who burn the Qur'an, and hold the countries that claim them under the pretext of democracy and freedom, responsible for supporting this religious and cultural terror.

As a result, in Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand and some other Western civilization countries, paganist Christian terror based on trinity belief is committed against Islam. Behind the defense of the ideas of democracy, human rights and the development of the free with the corrupt and sick mood of Western civilization with narcissism; They have aggressive egoistic cultures and religious terror understandings. On July 25, 2023, the United Nations General Assembly recognized "violence against scriptures as a violation of international law". He also strongly condemned actions such as burning the Qur'an. He has also adopted a draft law in this direction. Despite all this, the feeling of narcissism, which has fallen into the psychology of extreme nationalist terror, religious terror and self-admiration, revealed that all humanity should be feared from Western civilization. In other words, "narcissistic phobia of western civilization" has developed. At this point, the great Turkish-Islamic Civilization Thinker Mevlana; The saying “The sea does not get dirty just because the dogs' mouths are touched” can be presented to all humanity and to all cultures and civilizations as an important reminder.

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