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Israeli army stepped up offensive attacks on Gaza and continue to massacre civilians up to 5000 reports say.

Israel’s Zionism as a system knows nothing but to kill every soul that does not belong to its faction. Hatred, violence, arrogance are what characterised the Zionists.

At this juncture it is important to know what happens before Islam and after the spread of the Islamic religion as well as Islam in the modern times.

During prophets Musa’s (a.s.s.) era we saw how the Jews contracted revolution,we all saw how the Jews disobeyed and disbelieved the miracle of Almighty Allah. They said to the holy prophet Musa. ’’You and your struggle with your Lord is enough to say that they have showed their ignorance in all aspects, they turn a blind eye.When the holy Prophet brought the Islamic concept of Tawheed (oneness of Allah) they again distorted the idea.

This ungratefulness,  raging, ignorance and keen interest and belief in only the positivist idealogy doing away with everything that their minds cannot accept as true.Whiles the men worship idols, the women were the underdogs.The glorious God explained rules pertaining to help trained the women and to make the religious Jews look down upon themselves more, and due to their ignorance on the miracle He created a prophet who has no father,Issah (a.s.w) so that the divine attack and the oneness of the almighty on the idol worship of the Romans and make them outcast from the Palestine thereby scatter them on the earth .Thus the almighty sent so many prophets and messengers to this people but as a result of their positivist mentality, ungratefulness, arrogance, deception, conspiracy and mischievous attitude He made them homeless as a punishment for almost 2000 years.

In the Islamic era from the time of Madina instances of the jewishmentality  increased from time to time.

In this modern times,ideas such as liberalism,democracy,capitalism,human rights,freedom and liberty,the United Nations,Neo Con and the US and English civilization  pave way for the making the Zionist ideology a reality.

To some extent these concepts and institutions are the transporters of that mentality thus the enemy of humanity.In the modern era the passiveness of the Islamic scholars’ teachings,the love for this world, and paying less attention to the hereafter, the impersonal relationship towards each other as well as the way hedonism (school of thought that argues that pleasure is the only intrinsic good)morality is addressed.At this juncture we can therefore say that the Western civilization that started in the last two centuries in the leadership of the US and the UK, the mentality of the use of the mind (non-existence of religion) and with the help of the social science;the scientist,the scientific knowledge, and the contemporary slogans such as development,industrialization,the modern community,these are the  jewishzionist idea that made it a protest through out the Islamic world includingTurkey .These cowardness and mischievous understanding of the Zionist left the muslimchidren,women and the old age suffer the consequences in Gaza. The jewish English mentality tried as much to make the concept of Tawheed as propagated by Islam fade away.

On the otherhand the activities of economic and financial institutions such as banks makes a shift from a religious thought to a more modern and secular thought bringing about a divided community.

However, the result of the tawheed brought to us by the prophets, the Roman idolatryand  then how come the trouble of the jewish community is on the muslimummah.This Zionist ideology is that of the use of mental faculty (posivitism).

It is important to note that the consciousness of the people of Gaza is about Israel being a political front and an enemy to Islam.

In the new era, there is the  need for the construction of a new method of resistance  by  muslimummah towards the attacks and bomb blasts on houses ,children and women in Gaza.Other Islamic ummah who acts as hipocrates would be the problem in combating Israel and later Israel itself will narrate with pain the hypocrital nature of these nations.

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